The Tuesday after Labour Day is more of a fresh start for me than January 1st, and I’m guessing I’m not alone in that sentiment.  I adored the first day back to school, and it had nothing to do with a new outfit, backpack or the fact I was a grade higher and therefore must be wiser than I was at the end of last year’s school term.  It was simply that Day One of a new school year was a clean slate.

Even to this day, I treat the beginning of September with that same reverence.  I take time to clean off my desk, address all those flagged emails getting stale in my inbox, and start pulling out the long-sleeved sweaters.

With the “new me” in September also comes that transition into fall in my kitchen.  Apples start replacing peaches in the fridge and tomatoes dwindle as my collection of squashes on display grows.  I no longer crave raspberry smoothies, but (gasp) I find myself jumping into that whole pumpkin spice latte thing, if only for a few weeks.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

Cooking methods also change.  It’s true that we keep grilling until the first snow flies, but the oven is on daily and tastes change from fresh & crunchy, to stewy & gooey.  Desserts are all about caramel & butter and making the house smell fantastic without a single scented candle.

So even if back-to-school day is a busy & trying one for you, with all that has to be done, I wish for you a chance to take a breath, make a cup of tea and embrace September as your own fresh start.