Finally….spring is showing signs of extending her stay!  After one of the harshest winters I can recall here in Ontario, I see fat, early robins hopping around my lawn, listening to the earth to find that elusive worm.  And aren’t they a beautiful metaphor for the listening we do this time of year.

I listen for those early morning chirpings of all birds, even the pesky blackbirds, and the proud boasting of the male cardinals from the still-bare tree tops.  And I hear the spring winds whistling through my window which I can finally crack open to freshen the air in the house.  I feel the early evening sun on my face as I get dinner ready, a far cry from the late afternoon dusk in January.

This renewed alertness (and renewed commitment to exercise as I pull out colourful sweaters, skirts and dresses from their winter sleep in remote closets) also brings a change in my palate. Roasted chicken isn’t about parsnips & carrots anymore, but is about leeks and lemon.  Beef isn’t slow roasted but flash grilled on the BBQ, and colour comes back onto my plate in vegetables of all sorts, and taking up much more room that the proteins or starches.

I adore this spring awakening, the hope and happiness found in these little signs, and as I jump into my kitchen to bake off a rhubarb cobbler there’s a hop to my step – maybe it’s because I’m no longer wearing socks!

What are your little springtime pleasures?