french tapered rolling pin

20.00 x 2.20 inch/50.80 x 4,0 cm (diameter at widest point)

Available at The Bay & The Gourmet Warehouse.

This is definitely my go-to rolling pin. I love how my hands rest directly on the pin, over the dough, so I can feel the pastry move as I roll and control the pressure. The tapered ends can be used to shape your dough – putting pressure on one end or the other helps you coax the ideal shape you’re after. Acacia wood is naturally dark in colour – this pin is unvarnished or stained.

For rolling and shaping all styles of pastry doughs.

Ideal shape for rolling a range of pastry doughs, including pie dough, cookie dough, pizza and other bread doughs

  • Hands rest directly on the pin over the dough, giving greater control as you roll
  • Tapered shape allows you to angle the pin, to evenly shape the dough easily
  • Acacia wood construction with a transparent FDA grade wax
  • Shape design withstands more pressure and will last longer
  • Hand wash only and dry immediately. Do not soak or place in the dishwasher.
  • Store away from a heat source
  • Apply a thin coat of food safe mineral oil every week during the winter months or if living in a dry climate, and monthly otherwise
  • Made in China

anna's top tips

  • Acacia wood is a durable hardwood, so it will not scar or mark easily. It also grows more quickly than other woods such as pine.
  • Using food-safe mineral oil a few times a year is smart if you are only using your pin occasionally. If using it often (a few times a month), you’ll find that the butter in your pastry will “season” the pin, and after a few uses you’ll need less flour when rolling doughs (although I do always handwash and dry my pin right away)
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Use and Care Instructions

All wood rolling pins need special care since they are porous. To care for your natural wood rolling pin, please follow the steps below to enjoy your rolling pin for many years of use.

Before first use:

  • Wash your new rolling pin before using it for the first time.
  • Dry your rolling pin immediately and thoroughly after washing.

Tips and care instructions to extend the product’s useful life:


  • When oiling the rolling pin, it must be sufficiently and evenly moisturized on a regular basis, to keep it healthy.
  • Using cooking oil (vegetable or other) to moisturize your rolling pin might turn rancid with time, and it is not recommended.
  • Moisturize your rolling pin’s surface with special wood beeswax or food safe mineral oil.
  • After washing the rolling pin, dry it immediately and thoroughly so that it does not soak up too much water.
  • If the rolling pin is kept in a dry area (near a heater or a gas burning oven), we recommend moisturizing it more often. If the air in the room is dry, especially during the winter months, it will accelerate the drying process.
  • To sanitize, wash the rolling pin periodically with an equal mixture of vinegar and water.





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