long straight icing spatula

8.00 x 1.00 inch/20.50 x 2.50 cm blade.
13.00 inch/33.00 cm total length.

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This is the tool I reach for when I need to spread generous amounts of frosting onto a cake, and also swirl and swish that frosting into delectable patterns. I specifically designed my icing spatulas to have natural wood handles (no dyes or stains) and the blade resists staining or spotting.

A pastry chef’s essential tool for all sorts of kitchen tasks: frosting, spreading batter, lifting cookies and more.

An essential tool for spreading icing neatly and evenly over cakes, and for levelling batter smoothly in a pan

  • The long blade length offers flexibility for precise decorating tasks, large and small
  • Natural beech wood handle with waxed finish
  • Hand wash after use and dry immediately
  • Made in Taiwan

Anna Olson Kitchen

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anna's top tips

  • When using this tool, hold it so that your index finger rest on the base of the blade – it will then feel like an extension of your hand as you use it.
  • When frosting a cake, it’s best to frost the top first, coaxing the frosting just over the top edge before you move onto the side. As you spread the frosting onto the sides, you’ll find the frosting on the sides meets the overhanging frosting from the top and then you’ll find it easier to create a straight and polished edge, with no gaps.
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