non-stick round fluted tart pan

9.00 x 1.5 inch/22.20 x 3.5 cm interior measurement.
Holds approximately 1.4 Qt/1.3 L volume.

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A fluted tart pan is a professional pastry chef’s staple tart pan – the fluting holds the shape of a delicate crust and the removable bottom allow it to slide out onto a presentation plate easily. I particularly like the height of this fluted pan – it allows for an ideal amount of filling, leaving room for lovely décor on top.

This classic tart pan is perfect for pretty tarts, flans and quiches.

This classic tart pan is perfect for pretty tarts, flans and quiches

  • A removable bottom supports the crust when lifting your tart
  • The fluted edge of the pan creates a beautiful shape
  • 0.04 inch/1.0 mm thick carbon steel
  • Heavy gauge steel distributes heat evenly and consistently
  • Double glazed non-stick layer is FDA grade and PTFE and PFOA free
  • The non-stick surface is safe for temperatures up to 445°F/230°C
  • Hand wash only
  • Do not use peroxide, baking soda or vinegar to clean and do not scrape or use metal scouring pads. Avoid using metal tools, or other sharp tools, in direct contact with the non-stick surface to prevent its damage. Do not cut baked contents inside the pan.
  • Made in China

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anna's top tips

  • Don’t grease your fluted tart pan before lining it with pastry. Instead, lightly dust the bottom of the pan with a little flour, so that the baked tart lifts away easily.
  • The function of the fluting on this tart pan is to get the pastry to adhere and stay in place as it bakes. When pressing you pastry into the pan, be sure that you’ve pressed it into the seam where the bottom and side meets and press it right into the curve of every flute. Then use your rolling pin to roll over the top of the crust – this tidily trims away the rough edge, leaving a precise and clean edge to the top of the pastry.
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