pastry cutter (bench scraper)

5.90 x 4.30 inch/15.00 x 11.00 cm

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This tool is also known as a bench scraper, because professional bakers use it to scrape doughs and clean excess flour from their wooden worktable, or bench. It really becomes an extension of your hand when you are bread baking or rolling and moving pastry around. I also use it to straighten the frosted sides of a cake.

This tool can cut large pieces of dough or be used to clean and lift doughs from your work area.

Ideal tool for lifting, turning and cutting soft bread and pastry doughs

  • Makes any type of baking or cooking a breeze – useful for cleaning flour or food off your work surface, or lifting ingredients from your cutting board to a bowl or pan
  • Natural beech wood handle with waxed finish
  • Hand wash after use and dry immediately
  • Made in Taiwan

Anna Olson Kitchen

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anna's top tips

  • To use this tool when decorating a cake when on a cake wheel, rest the short side of the cutter on the base of the wheel (make sure the handle is off the wheel, to get a straight 90 angle) so that the longer side is touching the cake. Spin the wheel as you hold the tool still, and it will straighten the frosting without leaving a seam or mark.
  • You can also use this tool to lift food from your cutting board to your sauté pan or pot when cooking.
  • To clean your flour-covered work area after rolling, scrape the pastry cutter back and forth with out lifting, collecting the flour as you rotate and move it closer to the edge of the table. Scrape the flour into your hand and ta-da…clean!
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