silicone baking mat

16.50 x 11.60 inch/42.00 x 29.50 cm

available at The Bay.

It’s fantastic that professional tools like a silicone baking mat are now an “everyday” item for home cooks. I love the ease of working with the mat – nothing sticks to it, it can replace the use of parchment paper, and can simply be wiped off in between batches in and out of the oven.

This non-stick mat can be used for all types of baking, and is especially ideal for delicate foods

  • Fiberglass core covered with food safe BPA free silicone
  • Temperature safe up to 500°F/260°C
  • The baking mat replaces the need for parchment paper or greasing your baking sheet
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Store rolled up – do not fold
  • Made in China

Anna Olson Kitchen

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anna's top tips

  • The best way to store your silicone baking mat is either rolled and secured with an elastic, or laying flat, between baking trays. Do not fold your mat, as it could develop a crack at the fold line.
  • To wash the mat, immerse it in a sink of hot soapy water and wipe down (you will never need to scrub it.) I drape it over my dish rack to air-dry before rolling to store it.
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