small glass bowl

9.50 x 5.1 inch/24.00 x 13.0 cm exterior measurement.
Approximately 3.7 Qt/3.5 L volume.

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There is a practical reason why I use glass bowls on my TV series and web videos – so you can see what I’m doing as I cook and bake. That said, I do like to use glass bowls for mixing batters and doughs in my own kitchen, and I like that these bowls are attractive enough for serving salads at the table.

A deep glass mixing bowl for practical kitchen use and also table-ready for salads and more.

Deep bowl design to contain foods while mixing, whisking, etc.

  • Flared rim allows for additional grip and security during food preparations
  • Heavy duty high borosilicate glass is oven, microwave, and freezer safe
  • Food safe
  • Safe for temperatures up to 752°F/400°C
  • Shock resistant up to 284°F/140°C
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in China

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anna's top tips

  • When making cookies such as chocolate chip cookies, you’ll note that the recipe calls for ‘creaming’ the butter and sugar together. This refers to a specific technique of spreading the mixture on the side of the bowl with your spatula – this smooths out the butter, works in the sugar but most importantly it aerates the combination, giving your batter structure so your cookies hold together. There is no such thing as overmixing at this stage.
  • A deep bowl is an ideal choice when folding airy mixtures, like mousse or meringue. You can really reach down to the bottom of the bowl, lifting the mixture up and over as you fold, and keeping things tidy at the same time.
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