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MAKES 4 DOZEN PUFFS • PREP: 15 MINUTES • COOK: 30 MINUTES These cheese puffs, known as gougères in French cuisine, are made using a classic pastry called choux paste (the same dough used to make éclairs and profiteroles). They’re a great…

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Banana Cranberry Virtuous Muffins

category-icon Category: Baked Goods

Makes 12 muffins "Healthy" muffins are sometimes misidentified as being heavy, dense or bland, but those words won’t pop into your mind when you bite into one of these moist, tender and tasty gems. They’re naturally sweet with the banana and…

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Blue Cheese Dressing and Dip

category-icon Category: Beverages & Other

Once you’ve made this easy blue cheese dressing and dip, you’ll never buy store-bought again. Use it to dress a salad, or to dunk chicken wings in as I do on a sports-watching Sunday. The hint of garlic is Michael’s little addition, and it…

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Breton Sea Salt Shortbreads

category-icon Category: Baked Goods , Holiday

While this classic style of French butter cookie would normally be made with salted butter, I prefer to use unsalted butter and then add the salt myself (different brands of butter can have different amounts of salt). These shortbread cookies…

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