Comfort Food Memories

Before you see, touch or taste it, you will be a happier person just from smelling the delicious aromas coming out of the kitchen while someone is cooking a favourite holiday meal for you! Our sense of smell plays a vital role in the enjoyment of food.

We know that the enjoyment of food is subjective, where each of us will have preferences and family favourites, built on memories of good times. What comes across as the best taste on the planet for one person will do nothing from someone from a different culture or upbringing. And of course the aromas associated with those foods are what get us excited and hungry.

Our sense of smell is linked to the parts of our brain that control emotions and memory – this is why you will think of a wonderful aunt when you smell apple pie, or think of a particular time in your life when you smell foods that you really like. Many of these particularly enticing smells revolve around a season, connecting our memory of a certain time with a particular dish.

If you are lucky enough to recognize those smells that make you happy, then enjoy recreating those dishes this season. And don’t discount the fact that the food you make for loved ones will build on their own favourite smemories (smell memories).

Here are the recipes that give me cozy “smemories”:

Whole Roasted Pork Loin with Onions, Pears & Orange

My Mom used to make pork roast with an apricot jam or marmalade glaze, and this recipe smells just like it as it cooks.

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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

This may seem simple, but these cookies take me back to my being about 12-14, when I started baking on my own, and I loved how everyone in the house would appear as the smell of the baking cookies wafted throughout the house.

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