Naughty & Nice

I think it’s the spirit of Christmas that has us believing that suddenly cookies have no calories, and that anything served with a dip is its own food group. But can this festive season be naughty AND nice at the same time?

I don’t mind indulging a bit over the holidays – it’s the fact that we’re sharing with family and friends that really counts, but I also don’t want it to cause undo stress. Over the holidays I try and schedule bits of personal time, in the same manner as I book social occasions and gatherings. It’s amazing how hard that can be, but boy is it ever important. With just an hour here and there, I find time to mentally re-group and then I’m not so frazzled – isn’t it during those frazzled moments that we tend to reach for the now-handy bag of chips or sneak into the cookie tin?

To help you along, I’ve got some great holiday cookies for you to choose from, click here.

If you are booking a morning, afternoon or even a full day of cookie-baking, take the time to have a cup of tea in between rollings of gingerbread cookies – it relaxes you, but also relaxes the cookie dough, so it’ll roll more easily. Or even better, invite a friend to bake together and divide up the goodies (see you soon, Lisa!)

And if you must have dip, try a good homemade hummus – keep loads of cucumbers and peppers around because, if you’re like me, I use the holidays as a chance to buy every possible type of cracker invented (a true weakness!).

If we can strike this naughty & nice balance now, then maybe January 1st won’t feel like we have to start from scratch… maybe.