Summer Treats

There’s such a great energy to summer – getting up before an alarm dictates your routine, getting a full dose of vitamin D from the sun, and moving around with ease. Even getting yourself out the door is simpler than any other time of year – car keys, sunglasses, cellphone and go!

And because our days have more motion and more activity, I’ve always felt that treats all have a nice place in our summer lack-of-routine. No need for excess, but all of a sudden homemade ice cream is earned, because you spent the afternoon gardening and you took the time to patiently wait for it to freeze. Taking time to make doughnuts from scratch becomes a family activity on a rainy morning.

But reveling in summer fruits at their peak is a fulfilling activity. There are only certain times of the year that a fresh peach is so juicy that you have to lean over to eat it, and buying cherries, raspberries or golden plums from a roadside stand becomes “fast food” as you eat them on the way home.

So whether virtuous or a little decadent, enjoy those summer treats – it’s an important part of embracing summer! Wishing you sticky fingers and big smiles!